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The social checkout solution turning customers into influencers and reducing CAC.

Turn your customers into influencers

Unlock a new era of e-commerce success with duo!

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50% reduction in CAC through network effect

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4X increase in conversion with peer recommendation

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Lower CO2 emissions with order consolidation


Easy to set up

With just a few clicks, you can enable the 'Buy as a duo' option on any product or variant you offer. 

Tailor made for growth

Discover metrics about your most influent customers/products and get actionnable insights.

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They're interested

Join them now and be the first in line when duo comes out!

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how it works

How it starts

Select pay with duo

On a typical product page, Customers usually have the singular choice of adding the item to their cart. However, with the pay with duo option, they unlock the opportunity for a discount. Wondering how? Keep scrolling!


CTA can be added/removed to/from any SKU or variant.


You set up the reward


CTA is customizable to match your UI.

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How it continues

Fill in your information

Customers go through the standard checkout process by choosing their delivery address and payment method. They place an order at a discounted price. To complete the order, they just need to perform one easy task.


One-Click payment.


Google pay and apple pay available

Become the invitee!

Be quick! The first person to purchase with the invitation link gets the offer.

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How it ends

Invite someone

That task is to get someone to buy the same product using their invitation link. The invitee also enjoys the discount. Think of it this way: it's a referral program that occurs *during* the checkout process.

Interesting? We think so.


Time to complete a duo is flexible.


link to share is also sent via email.


Reminders are already embedded.

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Discover duo's features

We have a lot more coming to make duo always more social and fun.

palette and HEX color text cards


Modify the duo Call To Action's UI to seamlessly integrate it.

UPS and Fedex logos and merge icon cards

Order consolidation

Customers can choose to receive their order at the same address.

Audio & video icon cards

Audio & video

Enable personalization on invitation link with voice message or video recording.

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One-Click payment

Duo allows customers to reserve a product in one click.


The data that matters

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bullet list
bullet list

50% reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost
4x Increase in Conversion
15% increase in Operating Margins

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the data
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